Agentschap NL Promesed

PhD defence: 06 July 2017, 14:45 Hours
"Reconstruction and Deterministic Prediction of Ocean Waves from Synthetic Radar Images"
Agus P. Wijaya

Direct dynamic simulation of remotely sensed wave fields


Brenny van Groesen

Funded by:

Agentschap NL &LabMath-Indonesia


Andreas Parama Wijaya





A marine radar is mostly used to measure the sea surface elevation in many offshore applications. We aim to reconstruct and predict the (future) wave elevation based on radar images such that it can be used as a basic decision when marine operations can be conducted safely. Some phenomena of radar imaging can be regarded as wave (phase and amplitude) perturbations. Reconstruction of the radar images is first carried out in order to improve the prediction. Wave models called HAWASSI-VBM will be used and extended to reconstruct and predict the wave elevations. These models have been used in offshore and coastal applications with complex geometry and bathymetry and tested successfully against many laboratory measurements.

The topics in this project are mainly related to questions that are relevant for an IOP-project PROMISSED and can be described as follows


Preparing data of waves from radar observations, and design multiple-influx procedures,


Data assimilation to update in real time the simulations with observed wave information,


Significant wave height determination based of shadowing in radar images,


Investigation of various additional natural perturbations such as currents and nonlinearity.