Deterministic wave modelling and simulation for offshore and harbour applications -

hawassi-ab modelling and simulation for coastal wave applications


Funded by:

STW 11642


Dr. Ruddy Kurnia


Prof. Brenny van Groesen


LabMath-Indonesia (


Our aim is to arrive at efficient deterministic simulations of ocean waves entering the shallow coastal area and also the interaction with structures. The basis of the modelling is the variational formulation of surface waves. The formulation leads to accurate and efficient AB-models with hybrid-spatial spectral implementation. The model has excellent dispersive properties which make it possible to simulate waves from deep water to shallow coastal area.

The model has been validated against at least 50 measurement for cases of breaking and non breaking waves, wave propagating above varying depth, waves colliding to fully or partially reflecting walls, wave run up on a coast. The extension of the model for simulating short crested waves and for calculating forces on fixed and moving structures will be main focus in this project.

The numerical implementation of the model leads to efficient and accurate software with the name HAWASSI-AB. Presently the software is for simulations of wave-structure interaction, coupled wave-ship interaction is foreseen in future releases. Further information of the software can be found on, where also a demo version can be downloaded.