Systems, Analysis and Computational Sciences

Compatible Mathematical Models for Coastal Hydrodynamics 


Funded by: NWO  &  STW 
PhD: Elena Gagarina 
Supervisor: Onno Bokhove / Jaap van der Vegt


The hydrodynamics in the near-shore coastal zone concerns the water motion on the centimeter to kilometer range scales near coastlines. The effects of wave breaking on vortices and currents; dispersive wave phenomena; wave-vortex interactions; and, the flooding and drying on beaches and dikes occurring in storm surges constitute this complex near-shore hydrodynamics.The project aims to create new mathematical models to predict and analyze these phenomena in our fight to keep the nether lands dry.

The second task is to construct innovative approach to obtain (pseudo-)symplectic time integrators. We explore discontinuous finite element method to get time integrators, both for autonomous and non-autonomous systems. The variational formulation is directly associated with the conservation laws of the system, such as energy conservation and preservation of the phase space structure.  Discrete variational principles will be constructed to preserve the properties of the continuum systems also at the discrete level. The main reason to investigate these numerical schemes is to obtain stable time integrators for highly nonlinear water waves.

The third task of the project is to create a numerical wave tank. We develop novel space-time (dis)continuous Galerkin methods based on variational principles to model nonlinear free surface waves. The numerical data are verified against the wave tank data of the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands.

PHD defense: 

03 October 2014, 12:45 Hours, Title: Variational approaches of water waves simulation



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Bokhove, O., Gagarina E., Martin Robinson, Anthony Thornton, Jaap van der Vegt, Wout Zweers
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