Poster Session

Inan Ates       A homotopy perturbation method for fractional-order-convection-diffusion-reaction boundary-value problems

Jannis Teunissen    AMR on quadtrees/octees for the simulation of electrical discharges

Patrick van Meurs   Boundary layer analysis for dislocation pile-ups

Eddie Nijholt      Center manifold reduction for coupled cell networks

Ashutosh Agnihotri    Coupling electic discharge and gas dynamics in streamer-to-spark transition

Han Zhou    Finite difference methods for fractional equations

Joep Evers   Measure-valued evolutions on bounded domains: flux boundary conditions

Thomas de Jong   Modeling fungal hyphae growth with the thin viscous sheet equations

Anna Dubinova  Modeling of pulsed positive discharges near dielectrics

Esmee Vendel  Modeling of two different cell types in competition

Leonie Zeune Multiscale segmentation of tumor cells using Bregman distances

Bettina Schwab  Neural dynamics in Parkinson’s disease

Casper Rutjes  Simulation of lightning inception from ice particles

Eric Siero  Stripe pattern selection by advective reaction-diffusion equation: resilience of banded vegetation on slopes

Corine Meerman  The influence of boundary conditions and geometry on morphodynamic equilibria in tidal basins

Xulei Cao  Two-phase flow in porous media: dynamic capillarity and heterogeneous media

Jeroen Witteveen  Uncertainty Quantification for Energy Research