Workshop Twente 2020 Online meeting

NDNS+ WORKSHOP June 22-23, 2020      online meeting

22-23 June 2020 

Speaker: dr. Hildeberto Jardon Kojakhmetov - University of Groningen

HildebertoJardonKojakhmetov < M8/Allgemeines - Lehrstuhl M8: Dynamics

Title: Delayed loss of stability in slow-fast systems.

The effect of delayed loss of stability is a well-known property that may be observed in dynamic bifurcation problems. For slow-fast systems, when the bifurcation parameter is assumed to change slowly, one is able to relate such effect with the presence of canard orbits. In this talk I will recall the main characteristics of delayed loss of stability in the context of slow-fast systems and present recent results (obtained jointly with M. Engel) concerning arbitrary long delays in slow-fast maps induced by the discretisation of ODEs.