MME 2010 Extra Events

Sunday afternoon

Most of you will travel to Enschede on Sunday. If you are early, you might enjoy the GrensWerk art festival. The festival takes place along the route from the city centre, along the Muziekkwartier (and Atak) to the Roombeek area (reconstructed after the fireworks disaster). Along the route there are many activities. If you cannot read Dutch or German, check the Dutch/English brochure. Page 61 shows the program, you will find a map on page 63.

Sunday night

After registration, there will be a dinner buffet in Atak. At 20:00 the evening party will start with a special surprise (which you do not want to miss!) and continue until small hours with a party, featuring a famous DJ from the Dutch school.

Monday night

The conference dinner will take place in the football temple of the ruling Dutch soccer champion FC Twente. From 18:30 onwards, you will have the chance to participate in the Grolsch Veste stadium tour (only for those who registered). At 20:00 the dinner buffet will start in the VIP lounge.

Tuesday night

On Tuesday night we will look into the future. Andreas Manz and Miko Elwenspoek will present their ideas to preserve a document on humankind for a million, or even better – a billion years (The Human Document Project). Their presentations will take place in the MAC Berlijn bar, where we can discuss this wild idea and have a drink, while listening to live Jazz. If you've seen enough of Berlijn or heard enough Jazz, you can visit some of the many bars in Enschede.

Wednesday morning

On Wednesday you will have the chance to visit the brand new MESA+ Nanolab facilities. So new, not even all equipment has been moved from the old facilities yet. The interest is overwhelming, so in first instance only participants who registered for the tour can join.