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Thursday, 3rd of October, 09:30–10:50
Chairs: Loes Segerink & Joost Lötters


A universal flowmeter for microfluidics

C. Cavaniol, W. Cesar, S. Descroix, J-L. Viovy


Micro-Coriolis mass flow sensor with resistive readout

T.V.P. Schut, R.J. Wiegerink, J.C. Lötters


Dual beam optical coherence tomography for spatially-resolved depth-section microfluidic flow velocimetry

J.M. Hallam, E. Rigas, T.O.H. Charrett, R.P. Tatam


Design of a slot photonic crystal waveguide for highly sensitive evanescent field absorption sensing in fluids

R. Jannesari, G. Pühringer, T. Grille, B. Jakoby

SESSION 2: ACTUATORS & Fluidic Control Systems

Thursday, 3rd of October, 11:20–12:40
Chairs: Peter Koltay & Niels Tas


Highly parallel microbioreactor for cell line development based on a microtiter plate with functional microfluidic lid

A. Itani, C-H. Tsai, D–H. Kuan, S. Zimmermann, R. Zengerle, P. Koltay


Printing with satellite droplets in liquid and gaseous environment

D. Li, Y. Liu, Y. Zhang


A contact-free micropump for fluid transport against high backpressure

A.R. Smith, D. Oudejans, J.C. Lötters, P. Müllner


Proportional microvalve using a PZT plate microactuator

A. Gunda, G. Özkayar, M. Tichem, M.K. Ghatkesar

SESSION 3: INdustrial sensorS

Thursday, 3rd of October, 14:10–15:30
Chairs: Jankees Hogendoorn & Florian Krogmann


Characterization of a gas density sensor based on surface channel technology

J. Groenesteijn, N. de Jonge, E.J. van der Wouden, W. Sparreboom, T.S.J. Lammerink, J.C. Lötters


Robust thermal mass flow meter comparison between anemometric principle and 3 omega method to measure flow

R.E. Bernhardsgrütter, C.J. Hepp, K. Schmitt, M. Jägle, H.-F. Pernau, J. Wöllenstein


Miniaturized gas composition sensor for natural gas and biogas

A. Boersma, J. Sweelssen, H. Blokland


Multiparameter gas monitoring system combining a functionalised and a non functionalised microcantilever

C. Huber, A. Mehdaoui, M.P. Pina, J.J. Morales


Friday, 4th of October, 09:30–10:40
Chairs: Peter Mullner & Remco Wiegerink


Construction of a well-operable crystallization method for chemical analysis applying microdroplet device

S. Hattori, D. Tanka, D.H. Yoon, T. Sekiguchi, Y. Nozaki, T. Akitsu, S. Shoji


On the feasibility of using a multi-parameter sensor for the inline characterisation of medicine mixtures

R.J. Dijkink, J.C. Lötters, B. van den Berg, C.A.J. Damen

SESSION 5: Industrial Applications

Friday, 4th of October, 11:10–12:30
Chairs: Stefan Schork & Florian Krogmann


Liquid microfluidic applications and market needs in flow measurement and control in the microfluidic flow range

D.A.P. Oudejans


Coriolis mass flow metering tracking rapid fuel injection pulses trains in internal combustion engines

M.P. Henry, F. Leach


Low capacitance measurement system for industrial scale multichannel system

A. Bonilla Fernandez, D. Alveringh, E. van Dam, S. Schepers, P. Senff, E. Kloekke


Challenges in achieving optimum performance in microfluidic handling systems

M. Katerberg, G. Ratering


Thursday, 3rd of October, 16:00–17:45


Poster 9

Additive manufactured pure PMMA microfluidic channels featuring screen printed diaphragm flow velocity sensor

M. Knoll, M.A. Hintermüller, C. Offenzeller, B. Jakoby, W. Hilber

Poster 13

Fabrication of free-hanging tubes for a high flow micro Coriolis mass flow meter

J. Groenesteijn, M.J. de Boer, J. van Putten, W. Sparreboom, J.C. Lötters, R.J. Wiegerink

Poster 19 

Embedding of screen printed sensors and actuators into bulk polymer for sensing in microfluidic devices

C. Offenzeller, M.A. Hintermüller, M. Knoll, B. Jakoby, W. Hilber

Poster 26

Piezoelectric thin film on silicon RF-MEMS lamb wave resonantors for fluid parameters sensing

Y.L. Janssens, J.W. Berenschot, M.J de Boer, C.J. Hogendoorn, N.R. Tas

Poster 28

Fabrication method of microfluidic channels with circular cross section for micro Coriolis mass flow sensor

Q. Yu, R.J. Wiegerink, J.C. Lötters

Poster 31 

Piezoelectric thin film for electroacoustic devices

S. Ni, et al

Poster 36

Towards integrated circular flow tubes with large diameter

M. Yariesbouei, M.A. Rodriguez Olguin, R.J. Wiegerink, J.C. Lötters

Poster 43

Microwave-based temperature monitoring of nanoliter water samples using a water-only temperature calibration technique
G. Maenhout, T. Markovic, J. Bao, G. Stefanidis, I. Ocket, B. Nauwelaers


Poster 21

Integrated highly-doped silicon electrodes between free-hanging microfluidic channels by surface channel technology

Y. Zhao, H.-W. Veltkamp, T.V.P. Schut, J. Groenesteijn, M.J. de Boer, R.J. Wiegerink, J.C. Lötters

Poster 22

Label-free detection of miniscule objects via drak-field microscopy for single-cell printing

R. Dammann, B. Gerdes, J. Riba, S. Zimmermann, P. Koltay, R. Zengerle

Poster 35

Measurement of viscosity for medicine mixture

S. Mejri, M. Yariesbouei, R.J Wiegerink, J. Groenesteijn, J. Lötters

Poster 38

Towards a fully integrated and disposable DNA amplification chip

F. Akegawe Monteiro, H.-W. Veltkamp, R.G.P. Sanders, R.J. Wiegerink, J.C. Lötters

Actuators & Fluidic Control Systems

Poster 1

Dispensing of attolitre droplets with inkject technique

Y. Zhang, D. Li, Y. Liu

Poster 12

Comparison of planar and halbach permanent magnet systems for mobile microfluidic NMR applications

Y. Klein, L. Abelmann, J. Hogendoorn, H. Gardeniers

Poster 17

Atomization of fluids with ultrasound

P. Dunst, P. Bornmann, T. Hemsel, W. Littmann, W. Sextro

Poster 20

No heated wall evaporator: an innovative way to reduce fouling in a miniature evaporator system

C.M. Rops, M. Del Hoyo Arroyo, J.W. van de Geest, R.M.C. Mestrom

Poster 44

Topological optimization of heating resistors for controlling temperature in a microfluidic cavity
T. Mabit, M.-C. Jullien, H. Ben Ahmed


Poster 4

Using gallium as a protective layer during a solvent bonding process for lab-scale polymer based microfluidic device fabrication

M.A. Hintermüller, B. Jakoby

Poster 18

Towards 3D printed microfluidic devices in alfa-alumina

H.-W. Veltkamp, Y. Zhao, R.G.P. Sanders, R.J. Wiegerink, J.C. Lötters

Poster 27

Towards design automations for microfluidic devices

G. Fink, M. Hamidovic, W. Haselmayr, R. Wille

Poster 40

Development of front-end electronics for low-field NMR applications

E. Aydin, K.A.A. Makinwa

Poster 41

Design considerations for a MEMS Coriolis mass flow sensing system

A.C. de Oliveira, T.V.P. Schut, J. Groenesteijn, Q. Fan, R.J. Wiegerink, K.A.A. Makinwa