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Invited talks

Invited talk 1: "Flow chemistry & chemical sensors"
Prof. Maarten Honing
Maastricht University

Development & validation of universal MS based sensing technologies in (micro)fluidic chemical reactors

Invited talk 2: "Energy transition"
Dr. ir. René Peters

Energy transition and the energy gasses of the future

Invited talk 3: "Biopharmaceuticals"
Prof. dr. ing. Michel Eppink
Synthon Biopharmaceuticals BV / Wageningen University & Research

Microfluidics as a tool in the development of biopharmaceutical proteins

Invited talk 4: "Flow control for organ on a chip"
Pim de Haan, MSc
University of Groningen / TI-COAST

A highly stable, pressure-driven flow control system for organs-on-chips based on Coriolis mass flow sensors