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Session 1: Sensors

Thursday, 5th of October, 09:30–10:50
Chairs: Jankees Hogendoorn & Joost Lötters


Micro Coriolis mass flow sensor with integrated resistive pressure sensors

Jarno Groenesteijn, Dennis Alveringh, Thomas Schut, Remco Wiegerink, Wouter Sparreboom and Joost Lötters


Gas concentration and flow speed measurement with a thermal sensor for applications with binary gas mixtures

Christoph Hepp, Florian Krogmann and Gerald Urban


Micro Coriolis gas density sensor

Wouter Sparreboom, Gijs Ratering, Wim Kruijswijk, Egbert van der Wouden, Jarno Groenesteijn and Joost Lötters


A miniaturized flame ionization detector applicable in a field device

Jan Foerster, Winfred Kuipers, Christian Koch, Christian Lenz, Steffen Ziesche and Dominik Jurkow

Session 2: Actuators

Thursday, 5th of October, 11:20–12:40
Chairs: Remco Wiegerink & Peter Koltay


Precise Flow-control using photo-actuated hydrogel valves and PID-Controlled LED actuation

Colm Delaney, Peter McCluskey, Simon Coleman, Jeffrey Whyte, Nigel Kent and Dermot Diamond


Electrostactically in-plane driven silicon micropump for modular configuration

Sebastian Uhlig, Sergiu Langa, Klaus Schimmanz, Holger Conrad, Bert Kaiser, Matthieu Gaudet and Harald Schenk


Microfluidic standardization and flow control

Henne van Heeren


Experimental characterization of a generator of non-newtonian droplets based on a micro cross-junction

Behnam Rostami and Gian Luca Morini

Session 3: Interfaces & Fluidic Control Systems

Thursday, 5th of October, 13:40–15:00
Chairs: Niels Tas & Paddy French


A single-use in-line flow sensor for closed-loop controlled precise non-contact liquid dispensing

Sabrina Kartmann, Fritz Koch, Andreas Ernst, Roland Zengerle and Peter Koltay


Automated detection of droplet shape evolution for hollow AFM cantilever flow calibration

Eleonoor Verlinden, Edin Sarajlic, Frans Vos, Andreas Engel, Urs Staufer and Murali Ghatkesar


3D-Printing: An attractive tool to realise microfluidic chip holders

Sander van den Driesche, Frank Bunge, Frieder Lucklum and Michael J. Vellekoop


Prism signal processing: a recursive fir technique applied to the efficient tracking of resonant sensor systems

Manus Henry

Session 4: Applications

Friday, 6th of October, 09:30–10:50
Chairs: Andreas Ernst & Jankees Hogendoorn


3D fractals as SERS substrates for detection of neutorotoxic agents in gas phase

Marta Lafuente, Erwin Berenschot, Roald Tiggelaar, Reyes Mallada, María Pilar Pina, Jesús Santamaría and Niels Tas


Lab-on-Chip for DNA analysis with low resolution length and concentration

Bayan Chami, Marius Socol and Aurelien Bancaud


Crystallization of Zinc(II) complex containing lysozyme by super water repellent doubly reentrant structure umbrella pillar array

Daiki Tanaka, Wataru Kawakubo, Dong Hyun Yoon, Tetsushi Sekiguchi, Takashiro Akitsu and Shuichi Shoji


Microfluidics for the assessment of the effectiveness of nanoencapsulated methotrexate against osteosarcoma

Oihane Mitxelena-Iribarren, Yolanda González-Fernández, Edurne Imbuluzqueta, Maite Mujika, Maria Blanco-Prieto and Sergio Arana

Session 5: Late News

Friday, 6th of October, 11:20–12:40
Chairs: Remco Wiegerink & Paddy French


Flow rate independent microfluidic gradient generator

Stefan Höving, Dirk Janasek and Pedro Novo


Gas density and viscosity measurement with a microcantilever and determination of woobe index, calorific value and total inert gas content of natural gas

Christof Huber, Patrick Reith and Anastasios Badarlis


Inline sizing of nano particles using ultrasound

Gert-Jan van Groenestijn, Arno Volker, Nicole Meulendijks, Paul van Neer, Guillaume Pierre and Cédric Julien


A new type of reactor system: aerogel-based optofluidic microreactor with integrated optofluidic waveguides

Yaprak Özbakir, Alexandr Jonáš, Alper Kiraz and Can Erkey

Poster session

Thursday, 5th of October, 16:00–17:45


Poster 1

Miniaturized gas composition sensor for natural gas and biogas

Arjen Boersma, Jorgen Sweelssen and Huib Blokland

Poster 7

Viscosity determination by the in-line measurement of liquid flow time through a cylindrical tube

Fritz Koch, Sabrina Kartmann, Roland Zengerle, Andreas Ernst and Peter Koltay

Poster 16

Design principles and fabrication method for a miniaturized fuel gas combustion reactor

Yiyuan Zhao, Henk-Willem Veltkamp, Meint de Boer, Yaxiang Zeng, Jarno Groenesteijn, Remco Wiegerink and Joost Lötters

Poster 25

Ultraminiature pH ISFET with back side contacts and Ta2O5 gate material for use in a catheter tip

Albert Prak, Hans van den Vlekkert and Marc-Alan Levine

Poster 27

Micro Coriolis mass flow sensor driven by external piezo ceramic

Yaxiang Zeng, Dennis Alveringh, Remco Wiegerink, Joost Lötters and Jarno Groenesteijn

Poster 42

Extending the accredited low flow liquid calibration range

Tom Platenkamp and Joost Lötters


Poster 5

Fast actuator based on short-time water electrolysis

Ilia Uvarov, Alexander Postnikov, Mikhail Izyumov, Olga Koroleva, Victor Naumov and Vitaly Svetovoy

Poster 8

MEMS based rotary valve

Geert Besselink, Erik Schreuder, Floris Falke, Vincent Berweiler, Helmut Knapp, Siegfried Graf, Albert Prak and Rene Heideman

Poster 12

Innovative technology for intuitive fluid flow control with pressure actuation on a compact device

Thibaut Thupnot, Lionel Matthys and Clémence Vergne

Poster 30

Demonstration of Active Microfluidic Valves Fabricated in Cyclic Olefin Copolymer

Bas-Jan Hoogenberg, Maciej Skolimowski, Dirk Jonker and Marko Blom

Poster 31

Automated microfluidic produciton of monodipserse plga microparticles

Miguel de Vargas Serrano, Katharine Giannasi and Wim van Hoeve

Interfaces & Fluidic Control Systems

Poster 2

Coriolis mass flow and density sensor actuation using a phase locked loop

Dennis Alveringh, Thomas Schut, Remco Wiegerink and Joost Lötters

Poster 3

Universal modular fluidic and electronic interfacing platform for microfluidic devices

Dennis Alveringh, Remco Sanders, Jarno Groenesteijn, Theo Lammerink, Remco Wiegerink and Joost Lötters

Poster 6

An autonomous microbioreactor based on a functional lid in 96-well microplate format

Chenghan Tsai, Stefan Zimmermann, Roland Zengerle and Peter Koltay

Poster 24

Fabrication of large-volume rectangular channels using trench-sidewall technology and a SOI substrate

Henk-Willem Veltkamp, Yiyuan Zhao, Meint de Boer, Jarno Groenesteijn, Remco Wiegerink and Joost Lötters

Poster 29

Systematic classification of micromixers

Thomas Kretzschmar, Michael Baßler and Klaus Drese

Poster 44

Towards a better understanding of the risks of multi infusion

Peter Lucas, Menne Schakel, Elsa Batista, Anders Niemann and Roland Snijder


Poster 23

Extremely efficient and non-hazardous bromo group addition reaction using simple microfluidic devices

Wataru Kawakubo, Daiki Tanaka, Dong Hyun Yoon, Tetsushi Sekiguchi, Keita Takahashi, Takashiro Akitsu and Shuichi Shoji

Poster 33

Dynamic model for investigation of instabilities in microchannel evaporators

Felix Leube, Klaus Drese and Peter Stephan

Poster 37

3-dimensional fractal geometry for gas permeation in microchannels

Magdalena Malankowska, Reyes Mallada, Roald Tiggelaar, Maria Pilar Pina, Stefan Schlautman, Erwin Berenschot, Niels Tas and Han Gardeniers