MFHS 2017

Session 5: Late News

Friday, 6th of October, 11:30–12:50
Chairs: Remco Wiegerink & Paddy French 


Flow rate independent microfluidic gradient generator

Stefan Höving, Dirk Janasek and Pedro Novo


Gas density and viscosity measurement with a microcantilever and determination of woobe index, calorific value and total inert gas content of natural gas

Christof Huber, Patrick Reith and Anastasios Badarlis


Inline sizing of nano particles using ultrasound

Gert-Jan van Groenestijn, Arno Volker, Nicole Meulendijks, Paul van Neer, Guillaume Pierre and Cédric Julien


A new type of reactor system: aerogel-based optofluidic microreactor with integrated optofluidic waveguides

Yaprak Özbakir, Alexandr Jonáš, Alper Kiraz and Can Erkey