MFHS 2017

Session 3: Interfaces & Fluidic Control Systems

Thursday, 5th of October, 14:00–15:20
Chairs: Niels Tas & Padd 


A single-use in-line flow sensor for closed-loop controlled precise non-contact liquid dispensing

Sabrina Kartmann, Fritz Koch, Andreas Ernst, Roland Zengerle and Peter Koltay


Automated detection of droplet shape evolution for hollow AFM cantilever flow calibration

Eleonoor Verlinden, Edin Sarajlic, Frans Vos, Andreas Engel, Urs Staufer and Murali Ghatkesar


3D-Printing: An attractive tool to realise microfluidic chip holders

Sander van den Driesche, Frank Bunge, Frieder Lucklum and Michael J. Vellekoop


Prism signal processing: a recursive fir technique applied to the efficient tracking of resonant sensor systems

Manus Henry