MFHS 2017

Session 2: Actuators

Thursday, 5th of October, 11:30–12:50
Chairs: Remco Wiegerink & Peter Koltay 


Precise Flow-control using photo-actuated hydrogel valves and PID-Controlled LED actuation

Colm Delaney, Peter McCluskey, Simon Coleman, Jeffrey Whyte, Nigel Kent and Dermot Diamond


Electrostactically in-plane driven silicon micropump for modular configuration

Sebastian Uhlig, Sergiu Langa, Klaus Schimmanz, Holger Conrad, Bert Kaiser, Matthieu Gaudet and Harald Schenk


Microfluidic standardization and flow control

Henne van Heeren


Experimental characterization of a generator of non-newtonian droplets based on a micro cross-junction

Behnam Rostami and Gian Luca Morini