MFHS 2017

Session 1: Sensors

Thursday, 5th of October, 09:40–11:00
Chairs: Jankees Hogendoorn & Joost Lötters


Micro Coriolis mass flow sensor with integrated resistive pressure sensors

Jarno Groenesteijn, Dennis Alveringh, Thomas Schut, Remco Wiegerink, Wouter Sparreboom and Joost Lötters


Gas concentration and flow speed measurement with a thermal sensor for applications with binary gas mixtures

Christoph Hepp, Florian Krogmann and Gerald Urban


Micro coriolis gas density sensor

Wouter Sparreboom, Gijs Ratering, Wim Kruijswijk, Egbert van der Wouden, Jarno Groenesteijn and Joost Lötters


A miniaturized flame ionization detector applicable in a field device

Jan Foerster, Winfred Kuipers, Christian Koch, Christian Lenz, Steffen Ziesche and Dominik Jurkow