The electrical power consumption is on the rise because of the increasing amount of electronics in everyday applications. As a result, there is a continuing trend to reduce the power consumption of the key component used in the power converters, the power transistor. By integrating ferroelectric materials in the transistor its power consumption will reduce. In this multidisciplinary research project, we will focus on the buildup of knowledge on novel planar power transistors in which a ferroelectric layer is integrated. To this purpose, we propose to develop and realize dedicated test structures in the MESA+ Nanolab and analyze those using finite-element modeling (FEM), structural analysis and electrical characterization tools. This project is in collaboration with the Inorganic Materials Science (IMS) group at the Science & Technology department, University of Twente. IMS will study the growth of ferroelectric materials on the power devices and do the device realization, while IDS will study the electrical performance of those devices using FEM and electrical analysis.