Analog Hotspot Twente

Analog / RF Hotspot Twente

The ICD group has played an important role in the growth of analog, RF and mixed-signal IC design companies in Twente. In 2007, Axiom IC started as a spin-off company of the ICD group and was later acquired by Teledyne Dalsa. Its digital audio activities lead to the spin off of another company, Axign. A few years ago, also Ansem and ItoM opened design centers in Twente, where the vicinity of the ICD group has greatly contributed to this decision, as stated by these companies here and here. Together with these and other companies like Bruco, Dialog and MEMSIC, the ICD group is at the heart of a flourishing ecosystem where many of our graduates find jobs in the vicinity and we collaborate extensively in research projects and internships.

"Together with the University of Leuven, the ICD-group at the University of Twente is one of the most renowned, cutting-edge and innovative educational institutes in the field of IC design.”


"Enschede has rapidly become recognized around the world as a key location for analog, RF, and mixed-signal IC design and development in The Netherlands”

"We are also technology enthusiasts with strong links to Twente University and ‘Kennispark Twente’ in Enschede. Most of our engineers have a degree in electronic engineering from Twente University."