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Incentive grants for Vadim Zaytsev and Moritz Hahn

The EEMCS Faculty Committee on Education (FC-OW) has selected two out of five proposals for incentive grants related to education. Vice-dean of Education Alma Schaafstal coordinated this procedure. FC-OW selected the following proposals:

  • Mader, Zaytsev : Unified Assessment Pipeline for Learning-by-Doing;
  • Stoorvogel, Craig, Kula, Pehlivan: ¬†Incentive grant proposal for a project on automated assessment of mathematics.

The discipline chairs have selected three proposals for incentive grants:

  • Physics-preserving model-order reduction for fluid mechanical systems using real-word data. Silke Glas (MaST), Frederico Califano (RaM), Nicola Strisciuglio (DMB);
  • Embedded Sensory-Motor Model for Functional Nerve Stimulation interface. Utku S. Yavuz (BSS), Nikolaos Alachiotis (CAES);
  • Towards Robust and Ethical Autonomous AI in Digital Markets. Moritz Hahn (FMT), Sophie Langer (STAT) and Janusz Meylahn (SOR).