Master Projects

This webpage holds a list of available, in progress and completed Master projects at FMT. If you are interested in carrying out a MSc assignment at the FMT group, please contact dr. Petra van den Bos or dr. Moritz Hahn, the programme mentors of the Software Technology specialisation.

If you want to do your MSc Final Project with FMT, you will first prepare the research in the course Research Topics (10 EC). You will need to find a subject (or subject area) and a supervisor. You can have one or more supervisors for the Research Topics course, but at least one must be connected to the UT. You must then register for Research Topics in Canvas and via the Mobility Online application.During your Research Topics, you study the background of the subject and prepare research questions and a detailed planning. Afterwards, you receive a grade for Research Topics and can start your Final Project (30 EC). You must register again for Final Project in Canvas and via the Mobility Online application. For the Final Project, you will need two supervisors and at least one of them must be a member of the FMT group.

Topics and Proposals

Students are invited to choose topics or project proposals offered by members of the FMT Group for their Research Topics and Final Project. If you are interested in a certain general topic or concrete proposal, please do not hesitate to contact the person listed as responsible even if you just want to ask a question and are still deciding.

Ongoing Projects