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Sport en bewegen 2017 - Kids first towards a pedagogical sport climate

Sport en Bewegen 2017

Kids first towards a pedagogical sport climate

Project Summary:

The objective of this multidisciplinary research project is to gain new knowledge, but also develop and implement a new protocol aimed at establishing a positive pedagogical sport climate (PSC) that enlarges and utilizes the value of youth sports at sport clubs. In this project led by Dr. Nicolette Schipper-van Veldhoven of Windesheim University of applied sciences, a sustainable consortium of experienced scientists and researchers of different disciplines will closely work together with sport organisations and policy makers.

Organized youth sport is seen as an important socializing context for children and adolescents. Sports also known as the third pedagogical environment (next to home and school), contribute to a range of positive outcomes: self-esteem, social behaviour and integration. Besides, sports are a source of pleasure. But sport also can have negative outcomes: arrogance, bullying, (sexual) intimidation, discrimination. Four out of ten (38%) youngsters encountered interpersonal violence in sport. This occurs at all age groups and all sports, but is relatively frequent in team sports. 

Sport ‘in itself’ is neither good nor bad. Researchers agree that effects are largely shaped by the context of youth sport participation. In order to benefit from the positive power of sport, sport policy and sport organisations should focus first on creating the right conditions, the so called ‘valuable contexts’, these are the ingredients for a ‘pedagogical sport climate’ (PSC). This PSC should be child centred, it should focus on pleasure, include positive coaching and guarantee social safety.

Realizing a PSC is not an easy task for sport clubs. They are mostly run by volunteers and their priority is mainly ‘sport centred’ on issues like schedules, organizing training/competitions and finances. To date, an (evidence-based) intervention is lacking to guide sport clubs in creating a PSC. With the knowledge resulting from this research project the consortium wants to design and implement a framework to support the establishment of a PSC at club level (Pedagogical Sport Club Support - PSCS), enhancing the value of youth sport and minimizing problem behaviour.

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