FAQ for Students

  • What is the difference between "Register" for a mobility and "Log in"?

    Before you can make use of Mobility Online, you have to register your activity.
    You have to register each activity seperately.

    At the University of Twente, we know several types of mobilities:

    • Internship
    • Graduation
    • Courses abroad
    • Other activities

    Login is used to edit and complete a registered activity.

  • I cannot log in to Mobility Online. Why?

    You can only log in to Mobility Online if you have at least one registration.
    Otherwise, the system does not recognise you. If you have multiple registrations, these become visible once logged into Mobility Online.

    Please go to https://www.utwente.nl/en/educational-systems/about-the-applications/mo/Accessing%20the%20application/ to register your activity.

  • I cannot enter a new application once I'm logged in to Mobility Online. Why?

    A new application always starts with a registration. You cannot create a new application from within Mobility Online.

    Please go to Educational systems for students (Osiris, Canvas, myTimetable, etc) (utwente.nl) to register your activity.

  • Where can I find more information about opportunities to go abroad?

    Mobility options can be separated into three main categories: study abroad, internship abroad and graduation. Besides these mobility options within your curriculum, there are also options beyond your curriculum.
    Please visit https://www.utwente.nl/en/study-abroad/ for more information.

  • How do I apply for a scholarship in Mobility Online?

    All scholarship applications take place in Mobility-Online. The application for a scholarship will automatically appear in your workflow after your course list or proposal have been approved.

  • How do I apply for a travel insurance in Mobility Online?

    UT offers free travel insurance for all students who are going abroad during their studies. Therefore all mobilities must be registered in Mobility Online!

    The insurance only applies to study-related activities and has basic coverage. Please check with your own insurance if you need additional coverage! Please visit the Study Abroad page for more information.

    The registration for a travel insurance automatically takes place after your course list or proposal have been approved. You will receive an email with the insurance policy within three days after the approval.

  • I cannot select my UT supervisor. How can he / she be added?

    If your UT supervisor is not yet available in Mobility Online, please send an email to the departmental coordinator / BOZ of your study programme containing the name of the person and / or the respective link of the people pages. He / she will arrange for the person to be added to Mobility Online.

  • I'm late setting up my mobility (internship, graduation, courses). How do I ensure that everything gets done in time?

    After you register your mobility, a BOZ employee or departmental coordinator needs to review it and will approve it or mark it as incomplete. This will trigger the next steps in the workflow.

    Essentially, Mobility Online is just a facilitating tool. There are still people involved and if you are concerned about finishing the necessary workflow steps within Mobility Online in time for you to start on you assignment, please make sure to contact someone at your faculty's BOZ or the departmental coordinator.
    An overview of contact persons can be found here: Contact | Home (utwente.nl)

  • I need to make changes to my application / proposal form, but the step is already locked. How can I make these changes?

    Please contact the BOZ employee or departmental coordinator of your study programme. He / she has additional functionality available within Mobility Online to either enter the changes for you or open up the step within the workflow so that you can adjust your application.

    An overview of the contact persons can be found here: Contact | Home (utwente.nl)

  • Where in CANVAS can in find the Course Code that needs to be entered?

    When registering your graduation assignment, you need to enter the course code.
    Within Canvas there are two ways of finding the course code.

    •  Go to the Canvas Dashboard and enter the Card View
      The graduation course for masters can usually be found this way.

    • Go to the combined course / TOM course available via the dashboard and click on OSIRIS course information. Here the code for the Bachelor thesis project is visible.