ECIU University

ECIU UNiversity Board Meeting, Kaunas

8-10 June 2022

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Kaunas University of Technology made a group reservation for all guests of the ECIU University Board Meeting in the Victoria Hotel Kaunas. KTU will pay for two representatives of each ECIU partner (Board member/Local Ambassadors) for two nights. ECIU will pay the accommodation for the external members of the ECIU Board. The special rate for additional nights during the weekend is 80/88 EUR - standard room for 1/2 person (105/114 EUR - business class room 1/2 pers; 118/127 EUR - mini apartment for 1/2 person, all including breakfast)

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KTU recommends to extend the work trip into a long weekend and have a mini-vacation before heading back home. Please see the enclosed pdf “Recommendations for the weekend”. KTU invites you to explore the creative city of Kaunas in a city tour on Friday 10 June at 14.00. The main theme of a City Tour: modernism and the university.

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