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Student experience: Kyra Apeldoorn

Fun to do something completely different

UT student Kyra Apeldoorn participated in the challenge Intimate cityscapes of the Norwegian University Stavanger. ‘I am doing a pre-master's degree in Public Administration and I wanted to do something on the side. The combination of working with students from other universities who all have a different study background seemed particularly interesting’, Kyra says.

'What do people think is important when it comes to designing a city? That differs from country to country. Stavanger is very dependent on exports. That gave us the idea of community gardens. How nice would it be if people could grow their own crops in community gardens?'

In the port area, the group saw opportunities. ‘In addition to the community gardens, there could be a playground or a mini-library, a coffee shop or restaurant, and learning spaces where workshops could be given. About the growth of fruit trees, for example, and how to lay out and maintain a vegetable garden.'

Kyra found the topic interesting to work on. ‘That is also my advice to other students: choose a subject you like and participate. It is fun and interesting to do something completely different besides studying.’