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Student experience:Robin Ross

‘A valuable addition to my studies’

What he was looking forward to most was writing strategic policies and working out scenarios. ‘Work that I have never done before. A good learning opportunity. We worked hands-on and learn in practice.’

Together with four other students, Ross worked on a challenge from the municipality of Enschede that needs a strategic policy for the transformation to a circular economy and the role the government plays in this. It is up to the students to do research, carry out analyses, collect best practices and conduct interviews with entrepreneurs and to talk to other, relevant stakeholders from the field.

Real contribution

That all these activities contribute to the solution of a real, existing issue is a big plus for Ross. ‘It was not made up. We work in an existing environment with experts. That is a big difference compared with fictitious cases. This is much more awesome. The municipal employees will be using our results in their work later on. In this way, we really do our bit for the circular city of Enschede.’

He works with two other UT students and a student from Finland (Tampere University) and one from France (INSA). ‘In these few weeks, I have got to know many people, worldwide, developed new skills, and met the real work field. At first I did not know much about the theme smart resilient and happy communities, but it fits in with my interests. A programme like this is a good opportunity to go more in-depth and a valuable addition to my studies.’