UTVrijhof CultureExhibit | Selection University of Twente ART collection

Exhibit | Selection University of Twente ART collection

Motivation through inspiration

The University of Twente has a diverse art collection, part of which is housed in the art library. Employees and students can choose work from this section for their workroom on Campus. To encourage this, we regularly make an exhibition with a selection from this part of the art collection.

‘Motivation through inspiration’ is what comes to mind at Vrijhof Culture when we think of art for the workplace. Because what can happen when you spend a few minutes looking at a piece of art in between work. It can be a perfect distraction during a stressful day, a source of inspiration, reflection, putting things into perspective, tranquility. Just something very special extra for yourself for during a working day. 

So don't have an artwork for your Campus workroom yet? Just give it a try!

In the small exhibition room in the Vrijhof, we have already made a selection of what we have on offer from the UT art collection.