UTVrijhof CultureExhibition: 10th ANNIVERSARY EXHIBID


Happy 10th 'ExhibID'

At the annual exhibition "ExhibID", students from the Industrial Engineering Design program from the University of Twente, that are in addition to that also members of student association SG Daedalus, can showcase creative project work they make on and next to their studies. Each student will have their own piece of wall or floor in the large exhibition room within which they can indulge in terms of decor or theme.

The exhibited work focuses on but is not limited to, product development studies, graphic work, photography, paintings, furniture, drawings and much more. Industrial Design is already a creative study but in this exhibition these students want to show us that their creative site  also continues outside their work and study.

This year’s exhibition is special, since it is their 10th time the students can showcase their work in the large exhibition room in Vrijhof. Therefore some students also handed in older work from previous ExhibID’s to look back at what was on display in the years before.