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Performance: Ghost Box Duda Paiva Company


Suppose you were allowed to change everything about yourself, could be perfect, or even immortal. Would you do it? Even if you had to give up everything that makes you human?

In Ghost Box, you are taken to a possible future world, where being human is explored in detail. Here, man is not born naturally, but designed by a futuristic system that creates the perfect neo-human: eternally young, infinitely modified and with artificially generated feelings, such as happiness, failure and freedom.

Ghost Box lets you flip through a manga, so to speak, with a dystopian story that reflects the price of our existence. Utilising elements of horror and poetry, that make the blood curdle in the veins of Paiva's unique foam sculptures. A unique combination of modern dance and cutting-edge technology.

The Making of

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In this performance, Duda Paiva Company uses the one window to the world that the visitor always has at hand: the mobile phone. Together with game developer and theatre maker Charlie Duran and Exp Inc, an app is being developed that allows the audience to perform interventions during the performance in a fun, new way. Ghost Box offers a fascinating look at the future of human interaction and the role of technology in shaping our existence.

Duda Paiva Company's unique vocabulary creates visual poetry. Through a choreographic dialogue between man and thing, 'Ghost Box' flirts with the futuristic visions of the cyberpunk genre.

Credits go to:

Concept and direction: Duda Paiva, Performance: Josse Vessies and Yordana Rodriguez, Dramaturgy: Kim Kooiman, Puppets: Duda Paiva and Andre Mello, Music and video: Wilco Alkema, Lighting: Mark Verhoef, Set: Daniel Patijn, Costumes: Evita Rigert, Technique: Mark Verhoef, Roel ter Borg, Daniel Patijn, Production: Merel van Marken Lichtenbelt and sales: Frontaal.


Students with UnionCard€ 5,-
Employees University of Twente€ 7,50
Others€ 12,50
Performance: Ghost Box Duda Paiva Company