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JAZZCAFÉ Tappin-it Collective

a whirlwind of physical musicality

In the swinging dream reality of JAZZCAFÉ, the sky is the limit and musical guests come together to shake off the daily grind of the rigid outside world. After all, why do the same thing every day when every day can be unique?

Sometimes it is better not to know what is going to happen and face the unknown with open arms. Music is made, danced, eaten and drunk. The sheet music is thrown on the fire and the script is put in the blender. They will play the piano with their noses, drink wine from a saxophone, sing songs backwards and tap dance on the ceiling. Because: those who cannot improvise will not survive. Never. In a combination of tap, mime, live music, object percussion, pole dancing and roller skating, Tappin-It Collective takes you on a whirlwind of physical musicality in a performance about freedom, about rules and how to break them.

Workshop Tapdance & Body Percussion

How much fun would it be to tap dance across the dance floor like a Gregory Hines yourself? Before the performance, you can discover the tap dancer in yourself. Make rhythmic sounds with your feet by using the metal plates under the heel and toe of the shoe. Or tap your body with your hands. The resulting sound is therefore somewhat like a percussion instrument. Together with Tappit in Collective, we will organise a tap dancing workshop. Please note: there are only 30 spots for the workshop. You can reserve your combi-ticket via the course page.


  • The workshop starts at 4.30pm in the Vrijhof Audiozaal.
  • Necessities; easy clothes, enthusiasm and a big smile.


Tappin-It Collective is a headstrong and ambitious collective from Amsterdam that has been creating quirky multidisciplinary performances since 2018, led by Doortje Peters and Robin Lie. The performances excite, abrade and challenge visitors to immerse themselves in a unique combination of modern tap, mime.

Performers: Collin van den Broek (drum, spel, dans), Lorenzo Buffa (bas), Abriël Ferreira (trompet), Robin Lie (tap, sax, spel), Doortje Peters (tap, piano, spel) & Sydney Plummer (zang, paaldans, spel) Regie: Michael Helmerhorst. Musical Director: Guy Salamon. Scenografie: Mattia Papp Sound design: Jurre Thuijs.


Students with UnionCard€ 5,-
Employees University of Twente€ 7,50
Others€ 12,50
JAZZCAFÉ Tappin-it Collective