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Group-Up Fanaat Cultural association Fanaat


Attention, gamers! On September 28th, it's time for the ultimate gaming event: the Group-Up, hosted by Fanaat! Here, you can find your perfect group to play TTRPGs (Tabletop Role-Playing Games) such as D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) and Pathfinder, either as a player or as the amazing Dungeon Master/Game Master. This event is suitable for both experienced players and beginners!


You might be wondering: what do those abbreviations actually stand for? TTRPG stands for Tabletop Role-Playing Games, which are role-playing games played with a group around a table. D&D and Pathfinder are popular examples of these games, where you embody a character in an imaginative world and embark on adventures with your fellow players. As the Dungeon Master or Game Master, you are the one who tells the story, creates challenges, and brings the world to life. As a player, you can develop your character, make decisions, and be part of an epic adventure!

But why is the Group-Up so incredibly fun? Firstly, it's a place where you can find your ideal group to play TTRPGs together. Whether you already have experience and want to welcome new players or you're new to this world and looking for a group to start your adventure with, the Group-Up is the perfect place to meet like-minded players. You'll discover that the TTRPG community is full of enthusiastic people who share the same passion for storytelling, imagination, and adventure!

In addition, the Group-Up offers the opportunity to try out different role-playing games and discover which one suits you best. Whether you prefer intense battles, mysterious puzzles, immersive stories, or exploring new worlds, there's something for everyone. It's a chance to explore new games and systems and take your gaming experience to new heights.

So, mark September 28th on your calendar and come to the Group-Up, hosted by Fanaat. It's a gaming event you don't want to miss!

Group-Up Fanaat Cultural association Fanaat