UTVrijhof CultureFresh Start: A Space Show

Fresh Start: A Space Show NEST TheatreLab Group

humorous absurdity, and catastrophic meltdowns

A cargo freighter on its way to the planet Phobos. A crew in charge of a failing ship with a disruptive cast of passengers. Will they be able to reach their destination when the long reaching arm of their corporate overlord throws them off course? Or will this be the beginning of the end?

From the makers of The Worst One Yet comes a new exciting performance. Over a period of four months the group of ambitious students created their own original play. Attempting to combine having fun with intense dramatic moments through sheer unhinged creativity. The result: a blend of genres, humorous absurdity, and catastrophic meltdowns.

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Students with UnionCard€ 6,50
Others€ 9,00
Fresh Start: A Space Show NEST TheatreLab Group