UTVrijhof CultureNATURE MATTER(S) 1
Nour-Eddine Jarram
Hieke Luik
Udona Boerema

NATURE MATTER(S) 1 Udona Boerema, Nour-Eddine Jarram, Hieke Luik

Nature an indefinable feeling

With this exhibition NATURE MATTER(S) 1, Vrijhof Cultuur begins a longer running series of visual art exhibitions around the theme of nature; the source of inspiration of many artists in terms of beauty, ruggedness, the poetic, the untamable. Or just the suffering nature as a trigger; the dire situation nature increasingly finds itself in and how artists seek or bring a message to it. Finally, we also focus on nature as an inspiration or mirror for product designers and inventors; natural structures and properties that can serve as examples for improvements in product development, its efficiency and beauty, both practical and to the eye.

We form the first exhibition in the series around artists who are on the poetic plane when it comes to nature. Lightly poetic, reflective, sometimes dark, sad or giving an indefinable feeling: we chose Udona Boerema, Nour-Eddine Jarram and Hieke Luik.

Udona Boerema:

Paintings that create the illusion of landscape elements; a tree, a plant, fog, mud field or forest vista. Or do we only see the paint? What dominates? Or, on the contrary, does everything miraculously continue together in a world of its own, enhanced by the subtle but simple use of colour?

Nour-Edinne Jarram:

Pastel and charcoal drawings of old Dutch landscapes and trees, but with an addition, each time we see a small man appearing with his head in Arabic calligraphy, he seems to be protesting? What is that figure doing there, does he fit in?

Hieke Luik:

Self-contained branch structures, or nature-inspired stand-alone sculptures, both descriptions fit these little bronze sculptures that form a world in themselves, or provide a natural trigger for interpretation of life. Poetry in sculpture form.