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Nick Van Tiem

Don't wanna touch YoungGangsters and DOX

A simple handshake...awkward

An embrace, a kiss, a pat on the back, a punch or firm handshake. It can be so natural to touch each other, but sometimes it can be terrifying. Because what if your touch is misunderstood by the other person, or by those around you?

In Don't Wanna Touch, YoungGangsters and DOX dive into the fear of touch and embrace the discomfort. With challenging scenes, we explore loving, violent, sexual and friendly touch. Why can a simple handshake already be awkward? Where does shame come from in some touching? And when do you draw the line?

Together with five energetic performers, director Annechien de Vocht and choreographer Simon Bus create an exciting mix of hip-hop and "action theater." With (un)ease, humor and vulnerability we set boundaries and collectively break through the barriers around touch and intimacy. Are you ready to be touched?


Concept and direction: Annechien de Vocht. Choreography: Simon Bus. Performers: Marius Mensink, Fuat Okatan (aka Tano Rivers), Balder Hansen, Eivinas Dziena, Phapbi Ngo. Music and sound design: Boris de Klerk. Set design: Ruben Wijnstok. Dramaturgy: Marijn van der Jagt. Co-production: DOX & YoungGangsters.

Stage Fighting Workshop by YoungGangsters

YoungGangsters will give a stage fighting workshop on Wednesday 8 November! After years of learning the art from our idols Jacky Chan and Bruce Lee, we are also giving you a chance to train your fighting skills and feel like an action hero for a while.

Stage fighting is a technique in theater in which the illusion of a physical fight is created, without causing damage and losing sight of safety. In this workshop you will work on a number of fighting techniques. How do you punch someone without actually hitting them? And how do you play that you take a big hit?

Practical: The workshop is on Wednesday, November 8 in the Performance Factory, lasts 2.5 hours, maximum 30 participants and can be booked via the course page of our website. 


We offer a combi-ticket for the performance and the workshop. For only EUR 15 you can attend the workshop and watch the performance. You can buy the combi-ticket on the course page.

Impression workshop

Impression Stage Fighting workshop
Impression Stage Fighting workshop
Impression Stage Fighting workshop


Students with UnionCard€ 5,-
Employees University of Twente€ 7,50
Others€ 12,50
Don't wanna touch YoungGangsters and DOX