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Rosa Quist

I'd Rather Die Zarah Bracht


Instead of this screening, we will hold the first Vrijhof Movie Night on this evening. You can enjoy a true movie classic: Taxi Driver. Check it out!


Break free from patterns of expectation

You have a choice: do you surrender to the other person or choose for yourself? And what if the latter means jumping into an abyss? What if you are so used to adapting that choosing for yourself hurts the most?

I'd Rather Who explores what happens when women break free from patterns of expectation and what they need to do to achieve it.

Inspired by the famous final scene from the cult film Thelma & Louise, Zarah Bracht reflects on resistance taken to extremes in this violent, grotesque and powerful performance. "The two girlfriends, Thelma and Louise, get caught between the abyss and policemen. They decide not to surrender but to keep going, and they drive full steam into the abyss: an absolute resistance to a system not designed for them."

Her earlier performance Children of Happyland (2021) showed how avoidance and a thirst for harmony lead to an unbearable state of violence against oneself. I'd rather that builds on this research and focuses on resistance and confrontation. How do you raise a middle finger to the system? And is that enough? What power lies in sharing fantasies of violence against patriarchy?

After Wholesale Destruction, Being wrong and how to admit it (BNG Theaterprijs 2021 nomination) and Children of Happyland, I'd rather die is director Zarah Bracht's fourth performance under the wing of Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam.

Componist & zangcoach Shishani