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Let's Talk About Yes! Amnesty UT

Out of the shadow into the light

Bringing sexual violence out of the shadows through various art mediums that create a sensory experience. This art exhibition aims to arouse empathy for victims and survivors of sexual violence. It makes you think about your own experiences and relationships and unite you in the fight against this violence. The activist group Amnesty UT wants to bring the subject out of the shadows and shed light on its frequency and impact on Dutch universities.

During the exhibition period, the four different phases of sexual violence (social conditioning, assault, post trauma, healing) will be addressed and the composition will therefore change a few times.

  • Phase 1 Social Conditioning and Assault: 1 - 10 September
  • Phase 2 Post Trauma: 11 - 21 September
  • Phase 3 Healing: 22 September - 1 October