#East#West Graphics in the Vrijhof


The AppendiX Graphics Foundation, which has its home base in Rotterdam, works with artists who use graphics as a visual language in their work. In 2021, AppendiX Grafiek invited befriended artists from the eastern part of the Netherlands to come and exhibit together in its home base. During Grafiek 2022 AppendiX will pay a return visit to her friends in Enschede and together they will organize this exhibition #Oost#West.

You are cordially invited to the opening of this exhibition! When? Friday, November 4, 2022 at 17.00 hours in the Grote Expositieruimte Vrijhof.

There are works on display by Timo HofackerMichael van KekemErik Kok, Patrick Mangnus, Inez Odijk, Henning Rosenbrock, Sjoerd Tegelaers, Monique van Wensveen.

This exhibition takes place in the context of the Graphic Triennial 2022 in which museums, galleries, artists, graphic workshops and collectors organize a variety of exhibitions, workshops, lectures, demonstrations and projects.