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Yoga in concert Jan Kuiper, Yvonne de Hoop en Iris Kroes


Yoga in Concert is a unique experience of yoga and music. Yoga postures, sound and meditation come together in this special concept. Everything is possible: actively participate on your yoga mat, sit back and relax while listening to the beautiful music or a combination of both. During the performance we take you into a flow of music, movement, breath and relaxation.

Besides a successful career as a guitarist with his band The Five Great Guitars, Jan Kuiper is an avid Yogi. He combines these two passions with this successful format Yoga in Concert. For Yvonne de Hoop, yoga is life from the heart. Her professional knowledge of different forms of Yoga and years of experience come together in Yoga in Concert.

Together with "The Voice of Holland" winner, singer and harpist Iris Kroes, Jan and Yvonne take you on a unique inner journey. Yoga in Concert is suitable for all levels. Sign up and experience your inner journey.

Watch the short video for an impression.


Students€ 5,-
Employees University of Twente€ 7,50
Others€ 12,50
Yoga in concert Jan Kuiper, Yvonne de Hoop en Iris Kroes