Radio Blanco - cancelled Tigre Blanco

Unfortunately, this performance has been cancelled due to unforeseen  circumstances. Purchased tickets will be refunded asap. 

TIGRE BLANCO presents new sound in RADIO BLANCO.

Like the white tiger is an anomaly in nature, Tigre Blanco deviates from the tonal scenery in the Lowlands. Cajon, bass, guitar and the mix of the jazzy vocals of miss Kitty Kat with the raw voice of frontman Quintijn Lohman, provide an uncategorised mix of blues, rock and soul. Dark as the night and warm as smouldering fire.


An old tube radio, from the company Radio Bell from the 1930s, was collecting dust for years in an old theater and has been revived by Tigre Blanco. A new power plug and some love, and the radio crackled again after years of silence. It doesn’t matter which buttons you turn, you always hear the same program with that one voice and he only wants one thing, your soul!
It is already too late for Tigre Blanco, they are possessed by the radio and his voice. He conducts the music, whispers the lyrics and sends them on a sweaty road trip.
In RADIO BLANCO you’ll get the complete travel report. With you as the audience in the co-driver’s seat.

TIGRE BLANCO is gypsy soul with a raw twist and is reminiscent of the soundtrack of a film by director Quentin Tarantino (what’s in a name). The wide sound is suitable for a nightclub in Andalusia, a juke-joint in Calexico, a festival, a theater in a medium-sized city or an intimate house concert. The tiger’s habitat has no boundaries.

Sit back, and enjoy the ride!


Katrien van de Camp        – Vocals
Hansz Deijnen                  – Cajon and percussion
Martijn Maas                    – Bass
Quintijn Lohman              – Vocals and guitar 
Mathijs bodt                     – Lead guitar (guest)