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Sounds Like Juggling Arthur Wagenaar / Guido van Hout

The POI SONORE, the SWAGGLER, the SWINGING SPEAKER and other flying, rolling and spinning inventions. Composer Arthur Wagenaar, juggler Guido van Hout, and designer Dianne Verdonk combined their powers to develop a series of new musical instruments that can be played through juggling. Think of resonating flying strings, wobbling bells, ticking tops, and sensors that detect the impact of a ball and translate this into sound. These instruments are used in a unique music-juggling-performance: Sounds Like Juggling. 

Sounds Like Juggling is all about patterns. Patterns in music, in juggling, and in life. About the power and the beauty of patterns. About being stuck in patterns, and breaking free. Sounds Like Juggling is a playground of movement and sound, where the rules might change any moment and nothing is impossible.

As part of the audience, you won’t sit still! Everyone will learn how to juggle music, everyone may play our instruments. Everyone may enter the playground.

This is a special preview, in which Arthur & Guido will present some of their instruments to the audience!
You can visit the complete performance on Monday 19 April 2021.


concept & performance: Arthur Wagenaar, Guido van Hout

instrument design: Arthur Wagenaar, Guido van Hout, Dianne Verdonk

instrument construction: Vincent Schoutsen, Fedde ten Berge, Ward Slager

directed by: Joeri Vos

coproduced by Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Korzo en Werkplaats Diepenheim

with financial support from Fonds Podiumkunsten, Fonds21, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, BNG fonds, Zabawas en Kattendijke/Drucker