UTVrijhof CultureNooit Weer / Nie Wieder (Never Again)

Nooit Weer / Nie Wieder (Never Again)

NOOIT WEER / NIE WIEDER (NEVER AGAIN), a cross-border visual art project commemorating and celebrating 75 years of liberation.

In 2020, it will be seventy-five years since the Netherlands was freed from the German occupation. The NOOIT WEER/NIE WIEDER Foundation devised an exhibition of 30 Dutch and 30 German artists to commemorate and celebrate this. The work of these 60 artists on this theme will be on display via 60 banners on public outdoor locations in Delden, Glanerbrug, Gronau and Rheine. The sketch designs of the 60 artists will be on display in the Vrijhof through a beamer presentation. 

The selected sketch designs show the theme in a richly varied visual language of drawing, painting, collage, graphics, analog and digital photography, photo montage. Symbols such as flags and swastikas directly related to World War II occur, existing iconic images are recycled and translated into the present, emoticons play a role, the viewer is addressed and touched by the diversity of expressions in countless ways. A final sign of life, a number to slap your face, cruelty packed cartoonish, but also children playing carefree despite messes, digitally skilled peace angels and other hopeful signals figure in the overall picture of the multifaceted approach of NEVER AGAIN as theme, or as in the official title in Dutch and German: NOOIT WEER / NIE WIEDER. 

The actual banners, designed by the 60 visual artists from the Netherlands and Germany can be seen from 30 August to 1 November at the following locations:

  • On the gras opposite Hotel Restaurant "The White Horse", City of Delden, Hof van Twente,
  • In the park next to the Ariënshuis opposite the Euregio building on the Glanerbrug / Gronau border,
  • In the Salinenpark of Kulturelle Begegnungsstätte Kloster Bentlage, Rheine (D),
  • In the city park near museum KULT Westműnsterland, Vreden (D).