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Going Home Jelena Kostić

Dance film, duet and after talk .

Around Theo’s deathbed, his wife and children gather. The situation puts them under great stress, and the distance between them has become overwhelming. Can they still find a connection and support each other as tragedy strikes? 

In their new dance film Going Home (Naar Huis) (2018), director Harrie Verbeek and choreographer Jelena Kostić bring dormant emotions to the surface in a powerful and sensitive dance film. 

Actors like Huub Smit, Hans Dagelet, Liz Snoijink and Beaudil Elzenga and dancers like Patricia van Deutekom, Kim-Jomi Fischer and Rowan van den Boomen portray the troubled family members. The combination of Jelena Kostic's poetic dance language and Harrie Verbeek's subtle, natural cinematography has resulted in a gripping and deeply moving film.

Prior to the showing of Going Home, Kim-Jomi Fischer and Patricia van Deutekom will perform a live duet that serves as a prequel to the film. In it, their characters clash strongly. Going into the film, you'll have a deeper insight into the characters portrayed by these two dancers.

After the screening, there will be an after talk with choreographer Jelena Kostić about the different media she works in.  

Kostić Foundation

The Kostić Foundation is a dance company from Tilburg, founded in 2009. Artistic director and choreographer Jelena Kostić (Belgrade, 1976) is known for her theatrical, emotional dance language in the theatre as well as on film and other media.  

Branded Cinema

Branded Cinema is a production company founded in 2015 by Monne Tuinhout and Harrie Verbeek. Branded Cinema produces both artistic free work and commercial commissions. 


Chosen as their inspiration night by Arabesque and Chassé; all members have free acces! 


For those who want to enjoy a complete night out there's the Vrijhof Dinner Deal!
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Going Home Jelena Kostić