Adelaide Lam
(c) Adelaide Lam

Start Chinese Brush Painting Adelaide Lam

Chinese painting is one of the oldest artistic traditions in the world. This art form is still practised nowadays. 

Adelaide Lam, born in Hong Kong (China) practices this art by painting with ink on rice paper. The brush strokes are painted, without hesitation and doubt, quickly, confidently and smoothly on the rice paper. Her passion is to share the technique of this art form with everyone by organising and giving training. 

Curious about the technique behind this painting arts? Experience it yourself and join!
Come to the introductory lesson and follow the basic module with 5 lessons as well.

• 6 weeks, 2 1/2 hrs, (19.30-22.00 hrs)

• Start Tuesday 14 May, follow up: May 21-28 , June 4-11-18

Registration starts at Monday 11 March 2019.


Adelaide Lam presents: Chinese painting

From Thursday 2 May up to Wednesday 19 June inclusive you can see the Chinese artworks of Adelaide Lam at the expo Chinese painting in the Spiegel building.


Students with UnionCard€ 60,-
Employees University of Twente€ 60,-
Start Chinese Brush Painting Adelaide Lam