Talent On The Move 2019 Holland Dance Festival / Codarts Rotterdam

Enjoy now tomorrow's top dancers!

Up-and-coming dancers, full of explosiveness and energy. That is what you will see during the Talent On The Move show of Holland Dance Festival and Codarts Rotterdam, the hotspot for contemporary dance. Talent On The Move shows varied choreographies by renowned and up-and-coming choreographers, performed by third-year dance students from Codarts Rotterdam.


It was all brilliant.” – Michael Hasted, Arts Talk Magazine

I have a great deal of admiration for dancers. There is perhaps a public perception that it is a glamourous and romantic existence but the truth is that it requires total dedication, abstinence from may of the things on which most young people todat base their lives, hours of strenuous and often painful rehearsal and a backstage life that can often be uncomfortable and less than luxurious as these students will no-doubt disover on this tour of the Netherlands. On the strength of tonight’s performance I am sure each and every one of them will excel in their chosen profession and I wish them well.” – Michael Hasted, Arts Talk Magazine

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Chosen as their inspiration night by Arabesque and Chassé; all members have free acces! 


Students€ 5,-
Employees University of Twente€ 7,50,-
Others€ 12,50,-
Talent On The Move 2019 Holland Dance Festival / Codarts Rotterdam