Start Model Painting Louis van Aarle

Model painting will introduce you into the study of the body and model drawing.

During a couple of sessions, you’ll get more comfortable with quick and longer drawing assignments. You can learn how to develop your skills in portraying the human body in 2-D form. We will work with live (nude) models, use a variety of approaches and employ different styles from art history. This course will give you the freedom to discover your own tastes and preferences and to develop these further.

• 8 weeks, 3 hrs, (19.00-22.00 hrs)

• Start Quartile 2, Monday November 12, follow-up 19-26 Nov 3-10-17 dec 7-14 Jan


Students with UnionCard€ 80,-
Employees University of Twente€ 80,-
Start Model Painting Louis van Aarle