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Art Library

The University of Twente has a large art collection. Employees and students can choose free art from the art library for their (work) room at the UT. There are more than 800 works in circulation; in the art library we usually have about 200 works in stock. The collection includes beautiful drawings, paintings, photographs and lithography’s that will inspire and decorate your room or office. 

The maximum loan period is one year for students and two years for employees. But the selected work can of course always be exchanged earlier. The condition is that the artwork remains on campus.

You can find the art library next to the entrance of the on-campus University Library, on the second floor in the Vrijhof.

Opening hours: Tuesday & Thursday, 12.00-13.00.


The location of the Campus of the University of Twente is unique, in a green lung of Enschede. It’s almost like an open-air museum of modern architecture with both exponents of structuralism and functionalism. In addition there are twenty outdoor artworks on Campus, most of them by renowned artists. There is a mapped walking tour Architecture & Art . The booklet is available at the service of the Vrijhof, free of charge. Or you can download it yourself.