Dr. H.G.M. Oosterwijk (Herman)

herman oosterwijk

Assistant professor
Managing director bachelor programme Health Science
Ravelijn room RA 4339

Herman Oosterwijk
PO Box 217
7500 AE Enschede

Telephone: (053) 489 4381
Fax: (053) 489 2159


Dr. Herman Oosterwijk’s professional career started in social work and it took more than 25 years before he made the switch to an academic career. Currently Oosterwijk is assistant-professor at the School of Management and Governance, at Twente University and managing director of the bachelor programme Health Sciences. He studied General Social Sciences (ASW) at Utrecht University, with a specialization in organization, policy and management. From 1999 to 2002 he worked as a researcher in the EU project National Systems of Innovation and Networks in the Idea-innovation Chain in Science-Based Industries. Drawing from this research project, he wrote his PhD Thesis on Sectoral Variations in National Systems of Innovation. His research interests focus on implementation of policy, interactive-policymaking and institutional cultures.


Oosterwijk’s research focus is on problems of policy implementation, the impact of research on policy environments, and cooperation in social work and public health care


  • Primary Processes in Healthcare
  • Project 1: Identifying and describing social problems (in health care environments)
  • Project 2: Analysis from the perspective of an professional organization (in health care environments)
  • Policy making (in public administration and health care environments)
  • Design and evaluation of policy (in public administration and health care environments)
  • Interactive forms of policy making (in company training for local municipalities)
  • Policy design and interactive forms of policy making (Master of Public Management)
  • Thesis supervision
  • Police violence
  • Domestic violence
  • Policy implementation regarding social laws
  • Effectiveness of network-based approaches in rehabilitation programs
  • Network dynamics in the development of laws regarding building permits
  • Discretionary space for civil servants in the implementation of public policies


(2002) ’Changing Needs for Knowledge’, in F. van Waarden (eds.) Bridging Ideas and Markets, Utrecht: Utrecht University; Brussels: European Commission

(2002) co-authored by B.F. van Waarden (2002) ‘The Organizational Architecture of the Idea-Innovation Chain’, in F. van Waarden (eds.) Bridging Ideas and Markets, Utrecht: Utrecht University; Brussels: European Commission

(2003) Sectoral Variations in National Systems of Innovation (PhD Thesis)

(2003) National-Sectoral Systems of Innovation, paper prepared for the international conference Innovation in Europe: Dynamics, Institutions and Values, Roskilde University, Denmark May, 8th – 9th 2003

(2005) Mapping Networks Dynamics in Public/Private Networks, paper prepared for Governance without Government: new Forms of Governance in the Knowledge Economy and Society, Cardiff Business School, May 11th – 13th

with van Waarden, B.F. (forthcoming) ‘Turning Tracks? Path Dependence, Technological Paradigm Shifts, and Organizational and Institutional Change’ in Innovation, Science and Institutional Change Edited by Jerald Hage and Marius Meeus, Oxford University Press


Other activities

Oosterwijk is member of the audit committee of the City Council of Enschede