V.R. Visser (Vincent)

MSc Student

Vincent R. Visser

TGS / GKI - MSc StudentIn April 2011 I finished 3 PA-courses. Upcoming quartile, my focus is on PSTS-thesis (and getting it done). After summer, my plan is to do the other courses for GKI during the 1st quartile.

- My thesis for PSTS examines the Nanokaravaan, a Dutch public dialogue on nanotechnology. Focus is on the way perceptions and interpretations of the involved actors (organizers, scientists and visitors) affect the process and outcomes of a public engagement event. A core idea is that I can make use of insights from Technology Studies on the relation between design and use by conceiving of public dialogue events as a governance technology.
- My research for GKI is centered around the governance of innovation and the engagement of society.

2005-2008: BSc. B├Ęta-Gamma (major Sociology), Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Amsterdam
2008- : MSc. Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society, Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, Twente University
2011- : MSc. Public Administration, School of Management and Governance, Twente University