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Hendrik Steringa
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Hendrik-J. Steringa; born and raised in the north of the Netherlands (the province of Friesland, 1975). When I turned 18 I headed out into the world by becoming a UN peacekeeper in Bosnia where I transported food aid. There I came into contact with the field of humanitarian assistance. The following 15 years were dedicated to this work. During and after my studies, Development Studies/Disaster Studies and the European master Network of Humanitarian Assistance, I was mainly active in South America (Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Colombia).

In 2008 however, I was confronted in my work with food riots in various parts of the world. They were mainly the result of rising energy prices. Only then I became aware of the enormous importance of energy for our way of live and wellbeing (before that energy was just there, like the air we breathe). From that moment on I shifted my focus to energy issues. I combined this focus with my wish (that was shelved for many years) to do research.

Apart from the major challenges in the field of energy that face us, I see the enormous potential of new technologies that may not only change my own, but everyone else’s lives in the years to come. That process is (slowly) taking off with an uncertain outcome but I want to be there when it happens!


Title: Incumbent’ strategies in transition; Unraveling the dynamic character of strategic behavior of incumbents in the electricity production sector that aim to influence energy transition policy. A comparative study between The Netherlands, Germany and France.

From a Sociological perspective I will look at the way incumbent actors deal with the energy transition in the electricity sector. Key words are: actors (oriented approach), strategic behavior, power, transition and policy influencing.




STRN-network; Sustainability Transitions Research Network. http://www.transitionsnetwork.org/

Other activities

Columnist for Energieactueel http://www.energieactueel.nl/author/hendrik-steringa/