S. Sauer (Sabrine)

PhD student
Ravelijn room RA 4301

Sabrina Sauer
PO Box 217
7500 AE Enschede

E-mail: s.c.sauer (at) utwente.nl
Telephone: (053) 489 4235/3353
Fax: (053) 489 2159


Before starting work on my PhD in 2009, I completed an MA in media and culture at the University of Amsterdam (1998-2002) and graduated from acting school De Trap in Amsterdam (2003-2006). From 2003 onwards, I worked in the fields of security management, subtitling, localization and ICT product and marketing management before commencing my venture into research at the STePS department.


What happens when the ideas of ordinary people become the starting point for designing new ICT’s? In my PhD project, which is part of the social innovation track of the Dutch Research Delta - a strategic cooperation between KPN, TNO and several Dutch universities - I aim to answer this question by investigating Living Laboratory practices. The guiding principle of Living Laboratories is that user-centered design situated in a daily life context instigates unexpected new ideas and uses of technologies, culminating in the development of more successful ICT’s. But how “innovative” can the user be in these labs? Working from an STS-perspective, I ask how the dynamic relationship between user, context and technology translated into new ICT’s using the concept of improvisation to guide my analysis into “situated innovations”.
My promoter and supervisor are Prof.Dr. Nelly Oudshoorn and Dr.Ir. Ellen van Oost.


  • 194104100(-2B) Project 1: Introduction to Policy Analysis (2010 and 2011-2B)
  • 191612600(-2B) Philosophy of Technology Workshop (2010 and 2011) – Pitch Presentation Training
  • 0910411110 Technology assessment van ICT (2009-2010)


  • “Channeling ICT users’ practices into innovativeness in Living Lab-practices”, 4S/EASST Conference Design and displacement – social studies of science and technology, October 17-20 2012, Copenhagen Business School, track: Configuring Users and Designers and Implementation Practices.
  • “Coordinated bottom-up innovation –how user innovativeness is translated into smart ICTs in a Living Laboratory”, User cluster presentation, University of Twente, June 20th 2012.
  • “Do smart cities produce smart citizens? Tensions between top down and bottom up innovation the Climate Street”, User approaches and citizens’ participation in local communities – case examples of recent and ongoing initiatives in The Netherlands, Twente University, May 15th 2012.
  • “Improvisation practices in a Living Lab-setting: High school students as designers in the SensorLab”, International Association for Media & Communication Research (IAMCR) Conference Cities, Creativity, Connectivity, July 13-17 2011, Istanbul, track: Young Citizens and ICT use.
  • “Improvisation practices in a Living Lab-setting”, EASST Conference Practicing Science and Techology, Performing the Social, September 2-4 2010, track 2: Design, Performativity, STS.
  • “ICT end-users as innovators”, Center for Telematics and Information Technology (CTIT) Conference Dependable ICT – Who Cares? June 1st, 2010.
  • “Living Labs: user innovativeness in ICT design”, 4th Working Conference of the Dutch Research Delta, Delft, 22nd of April 2010 (Pitching contest, won first prize).
  • “User representations in Living Lab-practices”, User cluster presentation, University of Twente, March 17th 2010.


  • The Netherlands Graduate School of Science, Technology and Modern Culture (WTMC).
  • The Dutch Research Delta.
  • European Association for the Study of Science and Technology.
  • Society for Social Studies of Science.

Other activities

PhD representative on the WTMC board (2009-2011)


  • Mastering the Debate, TRANS/DRD training, March 21st 2012
  • Citizenship in the Digital Republic, IT University of Copenhagen, 30th of May-June 1st 2011
  • Teaching and Learning, Didactic course, Feb 2nd -3rd 2010
  • WTMC workshops and summerschools 2009 – 2011


  • Sauer, S. (forthcoming) Do smart cities produce smart entrepreneurs? Journal for Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research.
  • Sauer, S. (2011) “Improvisation Practices in a Living Lab-setting: High School Students as Designers in the SensorLab”, conference paper of IAMCR Conference Cities, Creativity, Connectivity, July 13-17 2011, Istanbul. Available at http://iamcr.org/home-and-news/809-vpr2011
  • Van Lieshout, M., Kort, J., Huveneers, S., Sauer, S. (2010). Het Leren van de Toekomst, Zorg voor Impact - hoofdrapport for Stichting Kennisnet, TNO-rapport 35309.