Dr. B.J.R. van der Meulen (Barend)

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Associate Professor


  • Barend van der Meulen
  • MB-STePS
  • PO Box 217
  • 7500 AE Enschede

E-mail: b.j.r.vandermeulen@utwente.nl
Telephone: (053) 489 3906
Fax: (053) 489 2159


Dr. Barend van der Meulen is trained in chemistry and science and technology dynamics. In his research recent advances in science and technology studies and in policy sciences are used to further understanding of science policy processes, to analyse the development of research systems and to advise governments and research organisations on science and technology policy. He has worked on socio economic impact of science, the development of engineering sciences, the transition of research systems, and science and technology foresight,

He is director of the International Postgraduate Course on R&D Evaluation, which is held every year at the University Twente. Recent evaluations include evaluation of the institutes of the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft, the research program of Asthma Foundation and an innovation program on transition in animal farming systems.


Current research activities concentrate on:

  • Comparative analysis of the development of research systems and science policy. Analysis of the role of governments and intermediary bodies within research systems and the Europeanisation of research
  • Interaction of Policy and Knowledge production
  • Tools for S&T policy, including foresight and evaluation of research and research organisations.
  • Technological citizenship and the governance of technology.

Selected projects

  • “New Agenda's, New Networks: A comparative study of European socio-environmental research” Contract to the European Commission, contract number ENV4-CT96-0190, 1996-1999
  • FORMAKIN: Foresight as a Tool for Management of Knowledge and Innovation. Contract to the European Commission, contract number SOE1-CT97 1056, 1997-2000
  • INNOCULT: Internationalisation of Research: Institutional Innovation, Culture and Agency in the Framework of Competition and Co-operation, Contract to the European Commission, contract number SOE1-CT98-1101, 1998-2001.
  • Evaluation of Norwegian Research Council. Contract to the Norwegian government by a consortium of Technopolis, Twente University and ISI-FhG with the Norwegian government, 2001
  • Evaluation of the Austrian Research Council. Contract to the Austrian government by a consortium of Technopolis, Twente University, WIFO and Joanneum Institute
  • History of the Dutch Advisory Council for Agricultural Research (NRLO), contract to the NRLO and Coordinating Commission for Advisory Councils for Research (COS), 2004-2005
  • Evaluation of the research program of the Asthma Foundation (2005-2006)
    Evaluation of a program on transitions of animal farming systems towards socially accepted and animal friendly systems
  • PRIME project on Dynamics of the ERA, EU funded 2006-2007



Create the Future (Master course Industrial Design)


Analyse van technologie in de samenleving

Bachelor Advanced Technology en Minor Management van Innovatie in de Kennissamenleving




Wetenschapsvisies en Ethiek (MB Bacheloropleidingen)
Ontwerpen van toekomsten (Minor Futures)

Honoursprogramma Domeinverkenningen (start 2008)




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