J. Hong (Jungjin)

Visiting scholar
Ravelijn room RA 4341

Jungjin Hong
PO Box 217
NL - 7500 AE Enschede

E-mail: j.hong (at) utwente.nl
Telephone: (053) 489 5561/3353
Fax: (053) 489 2159


Jungjin Hong is studying as a visiting scholar here through overseas training program supported by KBSI (Korea Basic Science Institute). He started out on his academic career as the student of natural science at first, but his PhD degree reached interdisciplinary ‘Policy and Management Science and Technology’, a major of KU program in Science and Technology Studies. He worked at GRIs(Government Research Institute) such as ITEP, KISTI, KAERI, and now works for KBSI.


The core research theme studied is on ‘Governance, Innovation and Knowledge Network’, more specifically, ‘Why has Korea’s R&D governance been radically changed by regimes’, ‘How does the knowledge network differ among advanced technologies’ and ‘What is relation between governance and innovation’. In addition, he has an interest in research subjects as follows: Impact of S&T on society and human life, Democratic use of S&T, Politics and rhetoric of S&T, Interaction with S&T/State/Capital.


He is not engaging in teaching here and now, but he had an experience as a lecturer in Korea. He gave a lecture about subjects like Technology innovation studies, Science and technology policy, Introduction to STS at Chonbuk National Univ, Korea Univ, Kwangwoon Univ.


He is involved in the ‘Science Shop’, located in Daejeon, which was first established in 2004 in Korea to solve local issues and to prompt public understanding and participation of S&T by connecting general citizens with S&T experts, and also ‘Korea Institute for Science & Technology Studies, KU’, a sub-organization under KU program in Science and Technology Studies, and he is working as a standing member of the institute.

Other activities

He is a member of CDST (Center for Democracy in Science and Technology), KASTS (Korean Association of Science and Technology Studies), KOTIS (Korea Technology Innovation Society).


He published some papers and reports in Korean; - Science and Technology’s Rhetorical Regime and Innovation (KASTS’s Academic Conference, Dec. 8. 2007, pp.197-212), - Relationship Analysis between Input/output Factors and Research Results in R&D Program (KOTIS’s Academic Conference, 2004, pp.48-56), - Collision between Technology and Politics in Korea’s Nuclear Policy (Journal of Science and Technology Studies, Vol.2, No.1, pp.135-156), - 『2006 Trend Analysis in New Technology Fields』 KBSI(Korea Basic Science Institute, 2006), -『Plan for Research Equipment Industry Growth through University-Institute-Industry Collaboration』 PACST(Presidential Advisory Council on Science and Technology, 2005), -『Study on Innovation Theory and Recent Critical Issues in S&T Policy』 KISTEP(Korea Institute of Science and Technology Evaluation and Planning, 2003).