Dr. M. van Amerom (Marloes)

Capitool room A 208


Marloes van Amerom
PO Box 217
7500 AE Enschede
E-mail: M.vanAmerom@utwente.nl
Telephone: (053) 489 4235
Fax: (053) 489 2159


Marloes van Amerom studied African Studies (BA & MA) at Leiden University, specializing in tourism & international governance (1993-1997). After working as a consultant in a Job Centre for a few years, she started a PhD in Political Geography at the University of Durham (UK), on the political aspects of Transboundary Conservation Areas in Southern Africa, which was completed at the start of 2005. From 2003 – Mid 2005 she also worked as a tutor in Sociology & Political Science at the University of Edinburgh. She has joined STeHPS since November 2005 as a post-doc.


Her current research project focuses on nanotechnology, risk scenarios & governance and is supervised by Prof. A. Rip. The project aims to map and analyse the emerging risk debate around nanotechnology and possible future governance directions.


(All peer-reviewed)

  • 2006, 'African foreign relations as a factor in ecotourism development: the case of South Africa'. Journal of Ecotourism 5 (1 & 2): 112-127
  • Van Amerom, M. and B. Büscher, 2005, ‘Peace Parks in Southern Africa: Bringers of an African Renaissance?’ Journal of Modern African Studies 43 (2): 159-182
  • Van Amerom, M., 2004, Book review. ‘African Wildlife & Livelihoods. The Promise and Performance of Community Conservation’. Africa 74 (4): 286
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  • Van Amerom, M., C. Hille and M. Horstmeier, 1996, Beroepsonderwijs in de Derde Wereld. Woorden of Daden? Een Inventarisatie-Onderzoek naar Beleid ten aanzien van de Ondersteuning van Beroepsonderwijs in de Derde Wereld. Amsterdam: Nomda.


TA NanoNed, NVAS

Other activities

“Actor-Strategies & Actor-Constellations in the Nanotech Risk Debate” Paper presented at the EASST 2006 Conference, Lausanne (together with Arie Rip). Lausanne, 25 August, 2006

“Imaging Dynamics in the Nanotech Risk Debate”. Poster-Paper (co-written by Martin Ruivenkamp) presented at the Second International Seville Seminar on Future-Oriented Technology Analysis (FTA): Impact on Policy and Decision-Making. Seville, 28 September, 2006