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Dr. W.A. Smit (Wim)

wim smit

Emeritus Associate Professor of STS

Wim Smit
PO Box 217
NL-7500 AE Enschede

E-mail: w.a.smit(at)
Telephone: (053) 489 4486


Wim Smit is Emeritus Associate Professor of Science, Technology and Society (STS). After having received his PhD in Physics (1973) at the University of Groningen, he went into STS studies, first at the University of Groningen and from 1975 on at the University of Twente. He has published on such issues as Risk Assessment, Assessment of Nuclear Technology, Nuclear Weapon Proliferation, Assessment and Dynamics of Military Technological Developments, and Dynamics of Socio-Technical Networks.

He has served on three Advisory Committees of the Netherlands Health Council: on External Safety (1980-1985); on Reassessing Nuclear Energy (1988-1989) and on Risk Evaluation (1991-1996).


His current research interest focuses on Assessment and Dynamics of Military Technological Developments, Dual Use technology and the Integration of Civil and Military Technology. A special interest is in Naval Technology.


Wim Smit has teached on:

  • Technology Assessment and Socio-technical Scenario’s
  • Risk evaluation, management and control
  • Reflection on Multi-Disciplinary design as a Socio-Technical Activity
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Technology Dynamics
  • Issues of STS


A selection:


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Journal articles and book chapters

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  • (Abstract to be downloaded from:
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Wim Smit has participated in the European Network of Excellence: PRIME, in particular on the project of InnoMil, which focuses on Revaluating the Role of Defence and Security R&D in the Innovation System.
He is also a member of Pugwash (Conferences on Science and World Affairs):